About us

TOKEN ROADSHOW project goal is to help companies to attract investments through the development and launch of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). We do this by giving investors access to quality projects and a clear understanding of risks and potential returns on their investment.

To date our team members have successfully launched more than fifty ICOs. These ICOs have raised more than $300 000 000 in capital inflows for our clients. We understand token investment from both the client and investor side, which provides us a solid platform to consult on an ICO strategy.

Our strengths include a number of years of investment experience as well as a strong analytical team. Our clients also have access to our investor database of 20 000 qualified investors. We work with our clients to quickly and efficiently prepare your project and present it to these potential investors.

During the two-month TOKEN ROADSHOW we work with you to develop a strong investment strategy and a high-quality package of documents. During this time you will also learn how to effectively present your project to potential investors and raise money.