Master-class “Managing a successful ICO. Instructions for use”

You are welcome to the meeting with Cryptonomics Capital team at the master-class on May 31. It will take place in Kiev in the crypto economy development center CryptoCluster.

At this master-class experts will tell about how to:

  • prepare to ICO;
  • avoid typical mistakes;
  • develop the right structure of token;
  • act within the law;
  • raise 300 BTC with Token Roadshow.

This event is for those who want to create successful ICO.

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Quick money for startups, quality projects for investors.

A webinar about TOKEN ROADSHOW, a new project by Nick Evdokimov

Where should the startup find investors? How to attract them? What should one do to pitch the project to them, so they want to invest? How to save time?

All this is to be covered in a webinar with Nick Evdokimov on May 10 at 8 p.m. by Eastern European time.

Nick Evdokimov is a serial entrepreneur. In the past, he was a founder of SeoPult, AppInTop, and others. About 7 years ago, SeoPult had radically changed the rules of the game on the SEO market, making it a simple and transparent tool for optimization. It helped Nick earn his first million and join the ratings of 30-year-old millionaires.

Nick is also a founder of the ICOBox and an establisher of the Cryptonomics Capital fund, which invests in startups.

During the first 6 months of its work, Cryptonomic Capital brought in over 20 000 investors from 84 countries. Some of them had earned up to 6000 % per annum.

Within the framework of the webinar, Nick will present a new project, TOKEN ROADSHOW, which was created in response to strong market requirements regarding new forms of collaboration between startups and investors. In this project, Nick shortens the distance among all participants of the investment process.

During the TOKEN ROADSHOW events, startups get access to industrial investors who know what blockchain is, how the token-economy works and who is ready to invest, whereas investors get access to qualitative projects, thus narrowing down the investment risks.

The project was launched in early April. The total collection of funds in 9 participating countries amounted to 522,4 BTC (equivalent to $4 900 000).

The goal of the webinar is to explain how TOKEN ROADSHOW works and how to become its participant.

A special guest of the webinar is Vadim Dashut, CEO of Bitrent, the first blockchain platform for raising funds in commercial and residential real estate at an early stage of construction. His project allows for getting the maximum profit from the sale and lease of real property.

Thanks to TOKEN ROADSHOW, Bitrent raised 270,38 BTC ($2 500 000).

Program of the webinar:

  1. What is the investment strategy of the blockchain project (business model, mechanism of tokens operation, a strategy of technology scaling, tokens distribution).
  2. What is project scoring and what does the investment package contain (OnePager, Token Assessment Report).
  3. How to prepare for pitching? What is an effective presentation? Why should one take classes with a coach on pitching and when is it better to invite a professional presenter?
  4. Why do investors come to visit the TOKEN ROADSHOW.

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Rockefellers decide to invest in crypto-currencies.

The article about this was published at the end of last week in the Fortune magazine. Rockefellers will be invest in the crypt through their Venrock venture fund together with CoinFund, the Brooklyn crypto currency investment group.

“We decided to cooperate, as the team has experience in investing and it helped create a lot of crypto-economies and projects based on tokens,” – explained David Pakman, partner of Venrock, to the resource

Fortune reports that Venrock and CoinFund have already funded one company – YouNow, which is developing a streaming service. Last fall, the startup decided to change the business model and released its own tokens, which were sold through the ICO. Its interest that investing in crypto-currencies are not a short-term gains for Rockefellers. The fund considers them as a kind of venture capital.

In turn, Jake Brukhman, CoinFund cofounder, noted that he is also happy about this old- meets-new partnership. He said that the company is trying to develop a unique synergy between the teams. The fund sees that more and more traditional technological startups are interested in the blockchain.


Traditional financing fades compared with ICO in terms of investment.

In 2017, venture capital attracted more than $ 900million. In the first two months of 2018 – more than $375 million. But traditional financing is paled comparing with ICO in terms of investment.

According to Crunchbase, the number of ICOs conducted over the past 14 months are almost two times less than the number of rounds of venture financing announced by the blockchain companies. But on average, companies attract much more capital than venture capitalists.

For example, on the last 14 months blockchain-startups have attracted almost $1.3 billion from venture capital around the world. And almost $ 4.5 billion they attracted through the ICO. The conclusion is that venture capitalists invest more often, but small amounts of money, while investors participating in ICO invest much larger amounts.

In this sense, the first rounds of funding are carried out by blockchain-startups. It is appropriate to compare not with seeding, but with super-rounds on the late stages of technological development.

Here are a few of the largest ICO, closed in 2017:

  • Filecoin – $ 257 million
  • Tezos – $ 232 million
  • Bancor – $ 152.3 million
  • Polkadot – $ 140 million
  • Quoine – $ 105 million

In 2018, Crunchbase expects an increase in the number of ICOs. Now the attention of many is focused on ICO Telegram. The potential investments are estimate with some analytics on $2 billion. Photo:

Cryptonomics Capital event in Istanbul was visited by more than 200 investors

In late March, Cryptonomics Capital held its first event in Istanbul. During the event, the guests learned the latest fund news, future plans and present the projects of the investment portfolio #2: Tradelize, uKit, Bitrent, Nvb.

The participators of the event were:

  • Nikolay Evdokimov, Cryptonomics fund adviser, ICOBox co-founder, blockchain technologies expert;
  • Vadim Dashut, managing partner at BitRent, expert in construction and real estate development;
  • Alexander Forostin, sales and agency network development director as well as co- founder of Cryptonomics capital fund, crypto investments expert;
  • Andrey Bobryshev, fund adviser, cryptoinvestor, entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience;
  • Ilnur Aisulov, fund adviser, cryptoinvestor, entrepreneur with more than 5 years of experience in e-commerce.

The event was visited by more than 200 investors. The ideas suggested by the Cryptonomics Capital fund and the BitRent platform aroused great interest among the local crypto community.

Cryptonomics Capital team reported on its Facebook, that the fund plans to hold similar events regularly (before Istanbul a large-scale forum was held in Moscow) to acquaint the crypto community with fund and its investment projects.

Photo: Cryptonomics Capital